The innovative company Alfiz is a group of inventors and researchers led by Dr. O who create products that have no analogues in the world and are designed to change your life. For ten years Dr. O carried out numerous studies and experiments in order to find those combinations of metal alloys, crystals, which can influence the human family in the most positive way. Today we are proud to present you with a large range of mini devices that will change your life.

Our club is a closed community, we will be glad to see you.

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The cost of participation in a closed club is $25, which will be an equivalent discount on your next purchase of any harmonizer in our store.

Today at 12 pm Moscow time I received a harmonizer. I took it in my hand, there was a feeling of pulsation in my hand. I put a harmonizer around my neck. Feeling of movement in the limbs (arms and legs). It is easier to breathe through the nose, I open my mouth only for communication, and not for breathing. Then the sensations in the solar plexus area intensified. Later, the movement inside the head and the crown of the head is a sensation of movement – swirling. Positive thoughts. So far so good.

M. Volkov, Russia, RU

The day of wearing harmonizers has not yet passed – the herpes has subsided: overnight, redness and soreness from touching have decreased, cracks in the skin have healed. Wonders !!! although I was waiting for the effect, but still wonderful! No pills by the hour, no ointments, no suffering for one or two weeks!
It’s happiness to be healthy 🌞

Mary, Russia, RU